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Sound Bath – Monday 20th June 7:30pm – 8:45pm

Join me for an immersion into the therapeutic world of sound, in celebration of the summer solstice at Tilton on the Hill Village Hall, Leicester.

What to expect:

Sound healing is an ancient art used for thousands of years for calming and tuning the mind while re-balancing the body by releasing tension and subtle energetic blockages. A sound bath is a deeply relaxing and simple yet profound way to connect with the centre of our being. We will begin with a little breath work and a short guided meditation to calm the body and still the mind. I then invite you to be bathed in the healing sounds of the Singing Bowl, Gong, Hand pan, Shamanic Drum, Sansula, Koshi Bells, and Rainstick. I will immerse you in a soothing soundscape, playing around and over the body so that the vibrations can be fully absorbed and appreciated whilst you lie down comfortably on your mat.

I will guide you to relax into the beautiful healing sounds, helping to release stress and tension, and gently balancing you back into harmony effortlessly.

Sound Healing is all about vibration, resonance and intention. It strengthens the parasympathetic nervous system, tunes the glandular system and slows the brain waves down, creating conditions for deep relaxation and healing.

We’ll be enjoying a sense of warmth and connection by focusing on the sun or surya, which is the physical and spiritual heart of the world, being right at the centre of our solar system. The summer solstice is the longest day of the year and marks the end of spring and start of summer. Solstice comes from the Latin word sōlstitium. It’s made up of sōl which means “sun” and sistere which means “to stand still.” Our sound bath will be a perfect way for us to become still. As Regina Brett says : “Summer is the annual permission slip to be lazy. To do nothing and have it count for something. To lie in the grass and count the stars. To sit on a branch and study the clouds.”

You will require:

A yoga mat to lie on (I will provide this if you don’t have one), a blanket (or duvet or sleeping bag if you wish), a pillow or cushion, and comfortable clothes. You may also wish to bring an eye pillow (I can also provide this if you wish to use one). Please bring as much as you think you might need to be relaxed and comfortable lying on the floor!

Exchange £15  Unfortunately I’m not able to offer refunds if you are not able to attend, but invite you to pass your place onto a friend.

Contact me on 07790 360671 or to book your space.


Tilton on the Hill Village Hall, Oakham Rd, Tilton on the Hill, Leicester, LE7 9DB